Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ID Photo booth with "manly skin" mode

In Japan we have lots and lots of "purikura" (from the English "print" and "club") photo booths where you take photos with your friends in front of colorful backgrounds. Then you can add text and things to the photos and they come out printed on stickers. The purikura machines keep evolving and modern ones detect faces and improve skin color (smoothing the areas with exposed skin), makes your eyes larger and your lips redder, etc.

Apparently, the ID photo booths in Japan are also following along. I have seen photo booths for ID photos that advertise "smooth skin" modes before, but today I noticed that our university ID photo booth also has a "manly skin" mode. It will make your skin look smooth and healthy but still make it look manly (if you go to a purikura machine, you often look kind of weird with giant eyes and super red lips etc.).

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