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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Ice Hotel

Parts of a sign were still left, but this was the most Ice Hotel like thing there.

One of my friends asked me: "There is something called the Ice Hotel outside Sapporo. Have you heard of it?" Since I was introducing this hotel on Japanese TV last year, I had indeed heard of it. I even visited last year.

My friend wanted to go see this Ice Hotel and asked me to come along. I asked if she was sure they were still open, since it closed in early March last year. She said that she had checked with their Web page and it said that they were open two more days.

The things that are between the car and the truck is what was left of the Ice Hotel when we got there.

When we got there, there was no Ice Hotel left anymore though. It had melted a week ago. Since we had a very warm winter, that was not very surprising. You would think they should have updated the Web page with that information, though...

A guy who was clearing away some of the non-melted parts from what used to be the Ice Hotel remembered me from last year.

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