Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I am Sayama tea, and Sayama tea Cola

We visited a tea shop in Sayama, a place in Saitama. There they sold something called "I am Sayama tea". They also sold something called "Sayama tea Cola". They gave us some very nice tea for free, in cups that were super cute. They were made so that the tea ended up in a cherry blossom shape (this being the cherry blossom season in Saitama, and cherry blossom viewing is a huge thing in Japan).

I bought some Sayama tea Cola to see what that could be. It was a green carbonated liquid that tasted neither like tea nor Cola. It was not very good.

Outside the tea shop they had goldfish or carps swimming around. One of them was much fatter than the others. It looked like it had swallowed a tennis ball or something. They were very quick in their movements, though, so I could not get a good photo.

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