Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pickled cheese and smoked food

The starter of the day that you get without ordering was "pickled Camembert cheese", which sounded a bit strange but was pretty good.

I am spending most of April in the city where I live, instead of like in March where I spent most of the time in airports. This means I have time to meet some friends. One of my friends wanted to go to a place that serves confit and smoked food. I eat anything, so that was fine with me.

Smoked oysters
Small salami

When I did a magic show at the place one of my friends work at for their Halloween Party, there was a girl there who was also on stage, singing a duet with another friend of mine. She told me that she works in a place that serves confit and smoked food. The place my friend wanted to go to of course turned out to be the same place, and the girl seemed to recognize me.

Smoked egg
Smoked cheese
Salad with fish confit
Smoked duck
Apple pie with something that was apparently not ice cream but very similar to ice cream.

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