Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ice cream related photos

I passed a place that had an "all the ice cream you can eat" special deal, but no one else wanted to go there.

My brother mentioned that Ben&Jerry's ice cream is popular in Sweden now. We talked about how in Japan they sell ice cream mainly in small packs suitable for one person (and one person who eats the tiny amounts that people do here, haha), so maybe that is why you never see Ben&Jerry's in Japan. As we finished this conversation, we passed a fridge in a supermarket that was stacked full of tiny Ben&Jerry's cups.

Häagen-Dazs is common in Japan. When in Saitama, I noticed a Häagen-Dazs that said that it is only available for a short limited time. It looked interesting, and I had never seen it in Sapporo. I figured this meant I had to try this before leaving Saitama, even though my trips to visit Saitama generally consist of eating bizarre amounts of food all the time, so buying more things to eat yourself is not really recommended. I tried it, it was good, and I felt like Mr Creosote. When I got back to Sapporo, it turned out that this is actually available here too. I just happened to time my Saitama trip so that I left Sapporo the day the started selling this ice cream in Japan...


  1. Det där med att komma med opålitlig information.. smittar det? :-D

    1. Det verkar vara något som går nu. Bäst att gå omkring i mask när man är ute på stan. :-)