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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chance meetings, Italian food, and Japanese magic

After spending a few nights in Sapporo after my Las Vegas trip, I had to go to Tokyo for work (again, I was there one day before my Las Vegas trip too). I had to leave the evening before the actual meeting and stay in Tokyo, since we had to start quite early.

I found an Italian restaurant in Ginza that serves nice food and where they also show you a little magic at the table. I was there once before, several years ago, and it was nice. I ordered a salad with raw salmon and some nice looking pasta. Both dishes turned out to be great!

A magician came over to my table and showed me quite a bit of magic too. Last time I was there it was another magician (they have several working there on different days), so it was nice to see a magician I had never seen before. When he was showing me some magic, four other guests also came in and sat down at a table close to mine. One of them said: "Ah, Jonas! Hello. Nice to see you again." He was a magician from a magic bar in Roppongi that I have been to several times, and he remembered me. Even the huge Tokyo feels small sometimes.

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