Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Becoming Japanese: shopping because you are bored

Yesterday I got bored and ended up buying clothes for 50,000 yen out of boredom. So I guess I am turning more and more Japanese! I bought a leather jacket that was on sale (from 80,000 yen to 30,000 yen) since they had had a shipping mistake and ended up getting the jackets when the jacket season was over.

When I bought the jacket at this very cheap price, they also gave me a set of champagne glasses for free. Why a store that only sells clothes also has a stockpile of champagne glasses remains a mystery. They look pretty nice, one is golden and says "King" and the other is silver and says "Queen". And they were free. My friends took this chance to tell me: "Too bad you do not have a queen to share drinks with, though". They are nice that way.

When I paid for my jacket, one of the guys working there said: "You are a magician, right? Famous, right?" I wonder where he learned that? Because I am not actually famous.


  1. Vet inte om det ens är nån idé längre att jag kommenterar på dina klädinköp.. får kanske börja göra det om du händelsevis köper nåt jag inte gillar, istället! :-D Den här jackan : GILLAR!!!!!

    1. Ja, visst är den bra! Och eftersom de faktiskt finns till salu så kan de ju inte vara alltför knäppa, brukar jag resonera. Mina bekanta säger att det bara är dårar som jag som köper dem, dock. :-)