Friday, April 10, 2015

Rabupi ice cream? Lingonberry ice cream?

Near the parking lot close to the suspension bridge, there was a small shop selling ice cream. They had bitter green tea (matcha), of course. They also had something called the "twin" which had both "yama momo" (presumably peach, from "yama" for mountain and "momo" meaning peach) and "rabupii". I had no idea what "rabupii" might be, and when I asked our Japanese relatives they also had no idea. I decided to order a rabupii ice cream to see what it might be. It turned out to be strawberry, and on other signs with the same photo it just said "strawberry" in Japanese...

Peach and rabupii

When I ate my ice cream I told my brother that it was "disappointingly normal". Some Japanese couple that happened to walk by at that moment looked at me and laughed and said "Normal?" I clarified that it was not bad, it was pretty good, but not special. Just normal good strawberry ice cream. They then gave up on buying their own ice cream.

At our next rest stop on the way back, I saw a place selling "koke momo" ice cream. This is a word that means "moss peaches" if you translate it literally, which is a funny word. In English, these berries are called lingonberries, and they are very common and popular in Sweden. You would not see lingonberry ice cream very often in Sweden, though. But I bought one, and it did indeed taste like lingonberries.

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