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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Farewell party

Our lab had a farewell party for the students that graduated and are leaving our lab. Sadly, we have quite few students now (our lab is being closed so we don't get any new students), so the guy leaving our lab ended up having to organize his own farewell party and spend most of the time during the party with administrative details... The food was pretty good though.

While the food was good, I tried some of their stranger options on the drink menu. The orange "vegetable juice" was OK. The green thing was kiwi and something and honey, with soda. Not bad. Then I tried "purple vegetable juice and yogurt". That was pretty bad. The taste was actually really bad. But  I dislike the "purple vegetable juice" they sell in Japan too, so that was expected. The color was less purple than I thought. The last thing I photographed I no longer remember what it was. Acerola and something, perhaps? It was pretty good, though.

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