Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A few cases of Indian curry and omiyage

My sister-in-law became friends with one of my Sapporo friends when we visited Sweden a few years back. This time when my sister-in-law was back in Japan and I met her, she had omiyage (Japanese souvenirs you are expected to give to everyone when you have traveled somewhere) from Sweden. She handed them to me and said: "Can you bring these to Sapporo and give them to your friend?" No souvenirs for me...

So I met up with my friend over lunch for the first time in many months, and we had some really nice Indian food. She liked the Swedish souvenirs too.

A few days later another Sapporo friend wanted to meet up, and suggested another Indian place. He had brought souvenirs for me, because he had been to Tokyo. More specifically to the Tokyo Disney Land.

We went to another place across the street from the Indian place and ordered "Oeufs à la neige" and talked about new magic tricks for a few more hours.
Tokyo Disney Land souvenir rubber bands

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