Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Random photos from waiting around in Ginza

This may have been the first time I noticed the word "curry" written with kanji (Chinese letters) instead of katakana (Japanese phonetic letters).

After our very big Chinese dinner, we were scheduled to go to a magic bar. They have specific show times there, and if you show up too early they will not let you in (because the people watching the previous show have not left yet). We had an hour and a bit to kill before the magic show, so we walked around in Ginza.

We passed a place called "Ginza Scandinavia", which seemed to be a pretty standard Japanese cafe.
The store on the right and on the left of this place had display windows full of expensive looking dresses and things like that. This place seemed to have a room full of trash...
We stopped by a cafe to get somewhere to sit, and they again gave us only English menus. I managed to understand this menu anyway, and ended up ordering a blueberry pie. Which was good.

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