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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Light snack before bed

Chicken nanban

One night when I left the magic bar with one of my magician friends, he said he was going to a restaurant where his friends work and that is open all night all the way into late morning hours. He suggested I should come too, which he often does. Usually he suggests that on weekdays when I have to home to sleep, but this time it was a weekend, and I did not even have any "work overtime for free because our boss is very busy" scheduled. I surprised him by saying I would indeed join.

Deep fried cheese
The restaurant is just around the corner from our magic bar. I turned out to be small and cozy, have great food (which I knew since I had eaten food they had delivered to some other place before) and be pretty cheap. I had "chicken nanban", which is pretty common in Japan. Deep fried chicken with tartar sauce. Very good, extremely high Calories. I topped it off with some deep fried cheese. Also very good. Ah, we also had some rice cakes wrapped in bacon and put on the barbecue. Then I went home and slept.

Rice cakes wrapped in bacon

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