Friday, April 10, 2015

Great seafood, great quantities

During our trip to the Izu peninsula, we had a great lunch at a seafood restaurant. They had endless numbers of signs of famous people, many with photos, on the walls, so the place is probably both famous and popular. The food was great, of course.

Some signs and photos of the people who signed
If you order miso soup, they bring you lots of soup and a gas burner to keep it warm.
I ordered a small shrimp gratin, which made my sister-in-law ask "Why would you order something like that?". But when we tried it, she had to admit that it was in fact excellent, haha.
My brother's "mixed raw sea food on rice". Squids, octopus, tuna, salmon roe, some other fish, and more.
Chopped up fish mix on rice
Raw fish and roe on rice
Fish head in sweet broth
One of our main goals with the trip was eating this huge fish. It was fantastic.
My "chef's recommended lunch set" was enormous. It has three layers and you have to unbox it to find all the food.
My lunch set when unboxed


  1. Fattar inte hur du överlever på dom munsbitarna!! :-D :-D

    1. Ja, det är väl därför japaner är så smala, antar jag :-)

      Jag hade ju lyckligtvis en gratäng och en hel jättefisk extra också, utöver det lilla lunchpaketet.