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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Judas Priest in Sapporo

The heavy metal band Judas Priest came to Sapporo and did a concert just across the parking lot in front of my house. I went there with a friend, and ran into some other people I know once we were inside too.

The place they played in, Zepp Sapporo, is not that big, but it was pretty full. 2000 or 2500 people, maybe? We had bought tickets a few weeks in advance. At first we did not understand what the system for where to line up was, and people kept telling us to go to different places. It turned out that you were supposed to line up exactly in the ticket number order, so when asking the guy holding a sign saying "1600 and above" if we were in the right line, he said no (because we had 1452) and the guy with the sign "1300 and above" also said no, etc. Finally we got it that you were supposed to ask the other people standing in line for their numbers and sort yourself into the correct spot.

The concert was nice. They explained that they have been playing metal for 41 years, so they were a bit tired from time to time. They did play well, and the selection of songs was good too. They played some new songs from their latest album, but mostly they played old classics. More or less one famous song from each album. No matter what period of Judas Priest you like, you were thus likely to hear a few songs from your favorite albums.

One guy had been headbanging so hard that he was drenched in sweat, so he changed into a fresh set of clothes near the exit after the concert.


  1. Det var det lustigaste kösystem jag nånsin hört talas om!! :-) Jag tror att överallt annars i världen skulle det ha lett till bråk.. Men i Japan kan sånt fungera!! :-) Jag ÄLSKAR Judas Priest, och har gjort så sedan tidigt 80-tal!! :-)

    1. Ja, det var ett märkligt kösystem. Påminner mig om när de på KTH ville att vi skulle sortera oss själva i bokstavsordning (120 personer), så man fick höfta till ungefär var man kunde tänkas hamna med ett efternamn på S och sen fråga folk som höftat till med samma ställe vilken bokstav deras namn började med osv. Då var det till för att man skulle börja prata med vilt främmande människor, och det gjorde man väl. Här var det bara för att de ville att man skulle köa rättvist...

      Jag har också gillat Judas Priest sedan länge, men inte sedan tidigt 80-tal :-)