Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Going back to Saitama

After a pretty tiring but very fun day in Tokyo, we took one of the last trains back to Saitama. These trains are incredibly packed with people in the mornings. They are super long and completely full. Once the platform starts to become slightly visible again after one train unloads all the commuters, the next train is already arriving, so you almost cannot cross the platform in rush hour. Late at night the trains are more credibly packed, but we still had to stand.

I found something called "rusk ice cream". Rusk is a hard biscuit and ice cream is not hard, so this made me curious. I bought one just to see what it would be like. It turned out to be normal chocolate ice cream. Why they decided to call it "rusk ice cream" remained a mystery.

In Japan you can find all kinds of strange and sometimes wonderful bread, like this breakfast bacon and egg bread.


  1. Varför satt den stackars killen där på golvet bredvid rulltrappan?

    1. Han var väl för full för att göra annat, såg det ut som.