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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Asian cuisine with the relatives

My parents, me, and my brother and his wife went out to have some Asian food. The restaurant was very quiet, and had excellent food. The servings were huge (so there was not so much opportunity to try many different things) and the prices were not that expensive by Swedish standards.

Thai style spring rolls

Indonesian style chicken skewers

Vietnamese style shrimp balls

My Thai style chicken curry

My brother's Thai style fish soup

Orange sauce chicken, with peppers that turned out to be really spicy if you chewed them

Chinese style duck

Pretty spicy beef and vegetable mix (excellent!)

Enormous serving of coconuts ice cream, served in a coconut with coconut flakes

Deep fried banana

Pineapple ice cream served in a pineapple

Even the soap in the toilet smelled delicious

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