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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Visiting Dalarna

During my trip to Sweden I had the chance to meet one of my friends from high school. He joined the class I was in when we were in 8th grade, and then we had two years of junior high together. We ended up in the same class in high school too, so we had another three years together there. We were pretty good friends then, and did a lot of the pair work assignments (chemistry, physics, etc.) together.

I was served Swedish style tacos, which is very common food to eat at home in Sweden. Very nice.

Then we went to different universities and did not meet for 10 years, until we met once at our 10 year high school graduation reunion. And then another 9 years passed until we met again now. So we had a lot to talk about, haha.

He has done a lot of exciting stuff. He bought a really nice place in Dalarna, where he lives with his family now. They have several buildings and lots of beautiful land. There are lakes and forests around them, and the place is very quiet. There are only 40 or so other people living in the same village.
One of the buildings they have have been made into a bar, where they have parties when they have guests over.

He also won the "Gotland Runt" ("Round Gotland Race") sailing competition, and he had many other sailing stories too. Now he has become engaged in playing table hockey, so I was drawn into playing this game. It is fun, but I only played it a little bit when I was around 10 years old, so of course I lost. He is also a whisky nerd, and he even had whisky from Yoichi, which is right around the corner from Sapporo. I have been to Yoichi, but only to go to the beach and swim, not to take the tour of the whisky factory (which I am told is quite nice, though).

They grow their own habaneros (or whatever this may be). I was given one and it was quite spicy.
An old but nice stove


  1. Jag bodde i Smedjebacken som barn, och min äldre syster, hennes barn och barnbarn bor fortfarande där.. Söderbärke hör ju till Smedjebacken.. :-)

    1. Mina kunskaper om Dalarna är näst intill obefintliga. Även om jag i och för sig har gjort saker som att slåss med hillebard i en snöklädd skogsdunge i Falun och annat knäppt :-)

  2. I Falun har jag också bott, men då var jag ännu yngre.. :-) typ 5-6.. :-) Sen bodde ju jag, Micke och Tony på Sollerön utanför Mora 1981- 1986 :-) Så Dalarna kan jag rätt bra! :-)