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Friday, November 7, 2014

Kamakura roll and other strange sushi

A mountain of onion covered in tons of mayonnaise
There turned out to be some sushi deep inside the mountain.

We went to a sushi place where different types of sushi pass you by on a conveyor belt and you grab things that you want to eat. I grabbed some weird things (that I had to eat myself) to show the wonderful exotic stuff that is also available, and we grabbed some more normal but very good stuff too.

I saw something called a "Kamakura roll", which I have not seen before. Kamakura here means a snow hut (carving out somewhere to be inside a big pile of snow), and the kamakura roll turned out to be a roll of sushi hidden under a small mountain of sliced onion, then covered in mayonnaise. You could take just one of these and become full... very heavy food. A very cheap lunch.

A pile of small, mostly dead, fish to eat

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