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Friday, November 7, 2014

Meiji Jingu shrine, weddings and weirdoes

White wedding kimono and suits. The mother's of the groom and bride normally wear black kimonos, as in the background.
Wedding photography in traditional hakama (groom) and red kimono (bride)
Another wedding procession

For some more Japanese culture, we stopped by Meiji Jingu shrine. This is a very beautiful Shinto shrine in Tokyo, that gets millions of visitors per year. Since we were there on a Sunday, there were lots of weddings going on at the shrine. We saw at least three different wedding parties walking through the shrine area.

There were some bonsai trees on display too

Right outside Meiji Jingu shrine there is also normally a collection of young people wearing weird clothes. Since it was cold by Tokyo standards (we all walked around in short sleeves, though), there were not that many of them standing around, but we saw a few of these fashion subculture youngsters. I like this fashion, but it does look a bit weird. These photos are not people dressed up for Halloween, they dress more or less like this every week (though the pumpkin theme does show that they have adjusted a bit to the season).

Typical Harajuku dress

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