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Friday, November 7, 2014

Funnily shaped food

In the Sunshine City aquarium they have a cafe. They were closing when I passed by, but I noticed that they had a menu with funnily shaped food, so I asked if they would allow me in for just a minute to buy some stuff. They kindly did.

They had caramel and coconut latte drinks that came with fish drawings, but I don't like coffee so I did not order that. At lunch they also serve curry with the rice shaped like fish or penguins, but it was too late to order food like that.

I ordered nikuman (steamed bread with meat) and anman (steamed bread with sweet beans) shaped like a penguin and an octopus. The one with meat was pretty good, though the white parts were a bit dry. The octopus had too much sweet beans, which makes your mouth go really really dry and is a bit boring to eat. The octopus arms were made from mochi, sweat and very gooey rice, which was a pleasant surprise.

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