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Friday, November 7, 2014

Tokyo sightseeing: watching people cross the street

The statue of the dog Hachiko is the most common place to meet up with people in Shibuya.

I got home from the Halloween party, spent an hour or so trying to get the glue off my face, and then slept for almost 60 minutes. Then I had to get up and leave for the airport to catch my flight to Tokyo.

People crossing the street

My supervisor when I did my Ph.D. was in Tokyo with his family and one guy I used to do a lot of teaching together with when I worked at my university in Sweden was also there with his family, so I went down to Tokyo to meet them. I even managed to take one day of vacation (though if it was not for the fact that these people who are "senpai" to me by Japanese standards, that day was a day when they did not want me to take a day off).

At first we went to see the intersection in Shibuya where there are more people crossing the street every time the light turns green than you would be likely to see during a whole day in the sparsely populated Sweden. We also took a look at the Hachiko dog statue, since it is in the same place.

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