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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Ice cream with chili and licorice

In Sweden, licorice is very popular. You find it in candy of all sorts, and in ice cream. If you look harder, you can find it in cakes and in normal food too. And in tea.

Licorice shop

In Japan, almost everyone considers licorice to be the most disgusting thing they have ever tried, and they often spit it out right in front of you (which they themselves think is very rude, but they say that in this case being rude is the only option, haha).

Licorice roots

I stopped by a licorice shop where they sell hundreds of different types of candy (all tasting of licorice, of course), but also have tea with licorice etc. The tea is quite nice. This time I also found toothpaste and shampoo with licorice! I have not tried them yet, but I bought some.

Licorice in shampoo and toothpaste


  1. Den där chili/lakritsglassen är hur god som helst!! :-) Provade du den?

    1. Nej, jag hann aldrig med att prova den. Trots att jag nog åt tillräckligt med mat för att hålla en mindre by vid liv i en månad eller så...