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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chance meetings at dinner

After a work meeting where the Fujitsu team told us about things they are doing and we told them what we are doing (my presentation went well), we all had dinner together. Fujitsu has a nice building with a fancy restaurant on the 20th floor, where you could see both Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Sky Tree (very small in the photo above, though).

For some reason, the conversation turned to "people wearing strange t-shirts" at dinner. I was wearing a shirt with a Facebook 「いいね」 button (the "Like" button, in Japanese Facebook), which may have been a part of why this topic came up.

My boss told everyone that I also sometimes wear a shirt that says 「日本人ではありません」 ("I am not Japanese", in Japanese). One of the senior Fujitsu researchers then asked me: "Where you at Heathrow airport on October 1st?" Which a strangely specific question to ask, but since I was going back to Sapporo from the work meeting in Oxford on that day, I was indeed at Heathrow airport on October 1st. He then said that he was too; he was going to a conference in Spain and changed flights at Heathrow. He remembered seeing some weird guy wearing a shirt that said "I am not Japanese" in Japanese. So it appears we had met before.


  1. Var än du rör dig i världen så lägger folk märke till dig.. och sen träffar du på dom nån HELT annanstans.. Det är faktiskt lite udda!! :-) och F:Y:I: .. Jag brukar också berätta för folk om den T-shirten!! :-D

    1. Den t-shirten tycker japaner är rolig och minnesvärd, så den är bra. Men att man sen springer på dem på andra ställen och de kommer ihåg en är ju roligt.