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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween party at alife

Last year some of my friends said: "We are all going as zombies to a Halloween party. Where a foreigner is going to do a magic show. You should come. As a zombie." So we met at a Halloween party, and they looked quite a lot like zombies. Then I went to work and they went to a club called alife, that has the largest Halloween party in Sapporo (I think; they had 1600 guests last year).

My favorite costume at the party

This year they were not going as zombies, but they were going to alife, and they said I should stop by and say hello. So I did. One of them had spent several hours baking a Halloween birthday cookie for me (my birthday is at the end of October), so I got a present too. It was a cute cookie, and the taste was good too.

My friends not being zombies
A cookie for me

I saw a guy at the party that did some rope magic using a set of gimmicked ropes that some of my magician friends also use. He seemed to be doing magic to random strangers on his own initiative (not as a performer at the event). He also did contact juggling with a glass sphere. When I met him, there was also a Japanese girl who borrowed his glass sphere and did some contact juggling herself. She was pretty good too. She also spoke English very well. She told me she lived in Australia for some time and that she used to do busking where she got tips for doing contact juggling.

Guy who did contact juggling and some simple magic
Girl who spoke fluent English and did contact juggling

I ran into some people who had been at the H's Cafe Halloween party too. The guys with the red demon faces were at alife, and the two faced guy with his Darth Maul friend were there too. They were talking to some girls, and one of these girls had her birthday on the same day as mine. She was 16 years younger than me, though...

People from previous party and a girl with the same birthday as me
Someone spilled a glass of beer down the back of the girl with whom I share a birthday, so her friend had to wipe her back and bottom for her so as to limit the beer smell.

I ran into a guy who is the boss of the downstairs floor of alife (if I understood and remember correctly) who recognized me since last year. After the Halloween party a year ago, he came to our magic bar and recognized me as "the zombie from Halloween". Now he said he will drop by our magic bar again soon. Impressive that he both recognizes and remembers me.

There were two girls in bunny girl suits that liked to show off their buts to people.
They also wanted to take a photo together with me.

I saw some other people that I know too, and lots of people that wanted to take photos with me. Many people at the party were not in costume (though you did get 500 yen off on the entrance fee if you showed up in costume). Most people that were in costume were either wearing just a costume that they bought in a shop and wore as is, or they wore a costume that they bought in a shop and then they painted their faces with makeup.

A Japanese grave

Some people had very ambitious costumes. I liked the girl dressed like a character from the movie Avatar best. There were also some that had very original ideas. I liked the guy who was dressed as a grave. Some other things that were nice were groups of people all dressed according to the same theme. Lots of girls were also dressed in very skimpy outfits, which was probably pretty good in the super hot (because of overcrowding) club. Outside it was a very cold autumn night, though, so going home may not have been that great. But it seems that unlike me, most people change out of their costumes before going home.


  1. Jonas my friend, the company you keep... Awesome!!!


    1. Most of these people I have never met before (and probably will never meet again), but if you make your face (or costume) interesting enough, lots of people come up to you and ask to take photos together. And some of them have great costumes themselves!