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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween party at H's Cafe

I eat at H's Cafe quite often. The have great hamburgers and the guy who runs the place is funny to talk too. He asked me if I could do a magic show at their Halloween party and I said sure.

The party was nice. There was lots of candy and cookies in pumpkin shaped bowls, and you could "trick or burger" yourself to a bacon burger. There was of course also free alcohol (and non-alcoholic beverages) during the whole 4 hour party.

The place was decorated with paintings that had different expressions from different angles.

I did about 25 minutes of magic, and people seemed to like it. They laughed at the right times etc. There was also a costume competition, where I ended up getting second place. So I got a special Free Pass as a prize.

The costume competition winners.
The guy in blue in the back one first place in the costume competition. The guy with grey hair on the left shared second place with me.
I liked these two that came as a set, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
There was a group of three or four guys who all were red faced devils with horns and big ears.
Most girls had store bought costumes and small blood effects on their faces.
More girls in store bought costumes.
I ended up sharing a table with these two in the beginning. One (Alice in Wonderland) had fangs at first, but it turned out to be difficult to eat with fangs, so she took them out.
I liked the black devil with a tail costume, but in the photo it does not show its full potential.
The guy that organized the party
A waitress (in blue) and a guest (in black)
A girl who could roll her eyes pretty well
I liked the two faced man.

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