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Friday, November 7, 2014

No rest for the wicked

Tired from lack of rest and too much work, waiting to go on stage

I flew back from Tokyo and went straight to work from the airport. I also had a huge bag of magic props with me, since I had been asked to come and do some magic at a party the same evening. I had to go straight there from work, so I had actually been carrying lots of magic props during my whole Tokyo trip just for this.

The party was some event for people working in the bridal business. A woman who finds musicians and other performers for weddings sometimes calls me and asks me if I can do magic at some wedding or similar event, since I am (pretty much) the only magician they know of and since people in rare instances ask if there is a magician available.

At this party I was not working so much as just being there doing magic to people who might then sell me to people getting married. So I was there for PR reasons, I guess.

I walked around the tables and did a few minutes of magic at each table. On request from the woman who usually books me, I also did a more complex trick at the table where the company leader for the biggest bridal company in Sapporo was sitting (I have met him once before, when one of his relatives was getting married and I was there as an entertainer and he was there as a normal guest). This, of course, went over very well and the he asked for one more trick.

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