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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free chocolate

When work finished on Thursday there were no longer any flights out of Tokyo, so my flight back to Sapporo from Kawasaki was scheduled for the next morning. I found a capsule hotel to stay in. A capsule hotel means you get a plastic tube to climb into which is high enough for you to sit in if you are short like me and which is pretty much exactly the size of a small bed. There are normally two or three layers of capsules on top of each other, and they are stacked 30 to 50 in a room, so if you are disturbed by people snoring, you will not get a good sleep in a capsule hotel. You only have a curtain to close your capsule with, and the capsule walls and floors are just a few millimeters of plastic.

Capsule hotels are usually cheap compared to their relatively good locations. This time, they also gave me free chocolate for staying there! They also have shared baths that are normally of pretty good quality. Sometimes they have saunas and other things too. They also provide free combs, toothbrushes, etc. like all hotels do in Japan.

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