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Thursday, November 6, 2014

My neighbor topology, and the world most useless map

Not very useful map

I dropped by a place where a friend of mine works to have dinner. I ended up being presented to some other customer who claimed to recognize me. He turned out to be professor of topology (math) at our university, and I pass his office almost every day when I walk from our lunch cafeteria to the office where I have to stamp every day that I am indeed at work as I should be.

Business card of the professor of topology at my university

I also met a girl who turned out to be a singer, and I got some promotional material of hers and got to choose what business card design of the five or so choices she had available I wanted when we exchanged business cards. The professor that had already left had business cards that look exactly like the business cards of anyone working at our university, so that one was less exciting to receive.

PR stuff

While talking to the singer, the conversation turned to geography ("Where is Sweden?") and in the end I asked if they had a map or if I should just pull up Google maps on my phone. The owner of the place said: "No no no! No need for that. We have a map." She then gave me the most useless map I have seen, haha. It was a small glass sphere that did indeed have a map of the world, but since it was so small it lacked a bit in the details...

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