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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kuchisake Onna dancing and doing magic in Ropossa

Kuchisake onna outside Ropossa

After the Halloween party at El Mango, I went across the street to the bar Ropossa. The woman who runs the place loves people dressing up in strange costumes and said that I had to come there in my kuchisake onna costume at least once.

The final pose of some C&K song dance routine

I ended up sitting next to a group of women visiting Hokkaido because they wanted to see the band C&K. They were singing C&K songs from the karaoke system the whole night, and they knew all the dance moves to all the songs too. I was forced into participating in the dancing together with two guys who also knew nothing of C&K. The moves turned out to be really simple and easy to remember, though.

I was also asked to do some magic for them, which I did.

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