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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Random Halloween encounters

This year, the bigger Halloween parties were on October 25 in Sapporo (despite the actual Halloween being a Friday, there were quite few parties then). On my way home from the magic show, I ran into a group of escaped prisoner zombies that said they wanted to take a photo with me, so I got off my bicycle and posed for some photos.

When I finally got home, I saw a photo of these same girls on Facebook. Apparently they had been to the same party as one of my friends and they had posed together for photos with her too. I also ended up taking a photo with two police women, who may or may not have been related to the prisoners above (they were standing in more or less the same location when I passed them).

Girls giving me candy while saying "trick or treat".

After I ditched all my magic props at home, I got out again to go say hello to some friends who were at various Halloween parties close to where I live. Then I ran into two girls that thought my costume was great, so they gave me candy while shouting "trick or treat".


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