Monday, November 17, 2014

Japanese toilets: lots and lots of buttons, but not one of the flushes the toilet...

When I visited my friends visiting Tokyo, they asked me about the toilets in their hotels. There were lots of buttons, and some of them they understood, some of them they did not. There are buttons for playing sounds (so no one can hear any embarrassing sounds you might make), buttons for controlling the temperature, pressure, location, etc. of water spraying you from below, buttons for adjusting the temperature of the heated seat, and more.

There is, however, no button on this control panel that actually flushes the toilet. Which is perhaps the function people are most often searching for. This is usually done by a lever cleverly hidden on the back of the toilet, or a button hidden somewhere marked with the Chinese character for "flowing". It could also be a touch sensitive panel somewhere in the room. Or there could be no button at all; some toilets sense when you leave and flush automatically.

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