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Friday, November 7, 2014

Sunshine city planetarium and aquarium

Towards evening we left the Maid Cafe and split the group. Some people went to an arcade hall to try all kinds of dancing and shooting games or whatnot. The rest of us went to Sunshine City, a building so big it is called a city. It has 60 floors in the higher parts and contain all kinds of things. Hotels and shopping, restaurants and offices, an aquarium, a planetarium, an observation deck, and much more.

We stopped by the planetarium, where we got to see some very beautiful star maps and movie clips shown in a very wide format. We bought the double feature tickets that also allowed us in to the aquarium nextdoor. The aquarium was quite nice, though some of the animals that were outside (on the roof) were in sleep mode since we got there so late.

Out on the roof it was also extremely windy. And a bit cold. I was surprised that the penguins did not fly away (as in thrown away by the strong winds; I am aware that penguins do not fly despite being birds).

A lemur sleeping with some armadillos
Baby animal that kept falling down and trying to climb back up only to fall down again.

Sleepy penguins
Big fish

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