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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nakame Takkyu Lounge Halloween Party 2014

I often run into the guy who runs the bar (club?) called Nakame Takkyu Lounge in Sapporo, but I have never actually been to that place. He once suggested I come to their Halloween party and I said that if I had time I would  stop by. So I did.

Me and someone I know
Someone I possibly know (and the samurai in the foreground I know)

I met some people that I know, and I met some people that recognized me and claimed that we had met, though I could not recognize them that clearly under the heavy face paint, haha.

A guy I had a pretty long conversation with, and two of the costume prize winners
The guy who invited me

I also met lots of people I had never seen before, and many of them tried to talk to me. The loud music meant that it was a bit difficult for me to catch the Japanese of these conversations, but it went so-so at least.

People dancing to loud music
DJ I know who played loud music

I also spoke to a guy from Vietnam, who kept mixing English and Japanese when talking to me, and who was a bit drunk (he poured a lot of tequila all over my dress, for instance), so our conversations were a bit surreal and did not lead to much.

You could also have a professional makeup artist draw on your face for a fee. Some people had superb face paint! I was impressed by a girl who had a rabbit face, but I broke my own camera at the previous party so I did not get any good photos of her. I found a photo of her and me together, but it was only available in black-and-white.

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