Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Drunk men giving me flowers

The bar where one of my friends works was closed for a month because they moved to a new location. I went there on the opening night in the new places, and ran into a man I have met before in this bar. He gave me a rose, for no particular reason.

I also met a girl who had also been to a coupling party (speed dating). I asked if it had been fun, but she said there were no interesting men there at all. Not even one. The party I went to had lots of interesting people (also among the men, according to the girl I know who also was there).

I was also told by a Japanese friend that this photo makes me look like a complete narcissist. Having a flower in you pocket makes you a narcissist, having a jacket with any form of decoration or pattern makes you a narcissist, and having a t-shirt with a photo of yourself makes you a narcissist. I can see the point of the last part, but the first two? A narcissist?

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