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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mushroom excursion

This year was a very good year for picking mushrooms, my parents tell me. They also have mushrooms in every room of the house, on some drying nets. They have picked too much to eat and fit into the freezer, so they are drying the rest.

We borrowed my brother's dog one day and went out to look for more mushrooms. We found some, but not as much as when it is the peak season (now it is a little late).
Sweden has very little to offer when it comes to fruits (you can get apples, pears, and prunes), since it is a bit cold and dark. There are lots and lots of berries in the forests in the summers, though. There were still a few blueberries and lingonberries hanging around, but the season is long over.
This one is, as you might guess, poisonous.

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