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Born in Stockholm (Sweden), now live in Sapporo (Japan). Hold a Ph.D. in computer science and work with computers during the days, perform magic in a bar during the nights (and weekends, for kids). Also used to teach historical fencing back in Sweden.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Gifts from Sweden

I got some presents for showing up in Tokyo and having fun with my friends. I got a piece of cloth with very Swedish design, and a Wettex cloth. This is like a cloth shaped sponge, and apparently a Swedish invention. They are extremely useful (when cleaning up spilled liquids for instance), but I have never seen one in Japan.


  1. Min mamma hade ett uppläggningsfat med exakt det mönstret!! :-) Ingen aning om vart det tagit vägen..

    1. Ja, det där mönstret är väl ganska känt. Jag har ett minne av att ha sett det tidigare jag med.