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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Swedish pizza


I met up with one of the few people I still keep in touch with in Stockholm. Since he wakes up ridiculously early in the morning and goes to work early, and I wake up ridiculously late and work late, the 8 hour time difference between Sweden and Japan means that we work more or less the same hours. This makes it easy to stay in touch by chatting at work when you are waiting for software to compile or things like that.

Lingonberry juice, not available in Japan but common in Sweden.

We went to a lunch restaurant and had pizza. I try to have pizza once every time I visit Sweden since Swedish pizzas and Japanese pizzas are very different. The pizzas in Japan are tiny and pizza is considered to be luxury food (because it is Italian food and Italian restaurants are fancy) so it is also very expensive. In Sweden pizzas are junk food and one of the few things that are not expensive to eat. The taste is different too, with Japanese pizzas being very refined, healthy, etc. in contrast with the junk food fat and cheap taste of Swedish pizzas. I like both types.

Green tea, also common in Japan.

We also took a walk around the blocks of IT companies and research institutes where my friend works, and had a chat in their lunch room.

It had rained, so parts of the path were less than ideal for my summer shoes.

Lots and lots of microwave ovens for the staff to heat their lunches in.

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